I’m Maria and I am the Senior Editor of the journal Genome Medicine. 10 years after the first draft of the Human Genome sequence was finished the big question is when will we see the fruits of this work in the clinic? There are many exciting developments afoot but many obstacles too. As an editor of Genome Medicine I hope to play my own small part in helping translate information into a clinical application.

This blog is about data and how to deal with it. In many ways, storing the data is the least of our problems. Analysing and making sense of it is the real challenge. I also care about the ethics and efficiency of data usage. There are fundamental conflicts between the freedom to share data and the need to protect individual’s data and identities.

Before working for Genome Medicine, I was an editor for Nature Structural & Molecular Biology and for the Structural Biology Knowledgebase.



  1. Hi Maria,

    I been reading your first couple of posts and am really impressed. Nice to have some more company in the world of structural blogging. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Sean for your encouraging words. One day, everyone will understand structural biology…

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